Tiene is... 


I am passionate about what I do!


I believe we are our own worst critic, and it's my job to help you get out of your own head and empower you!


The unrealistic beauty standards of the media, and our own negative crickets are really good at making us feel like our own skin isn't good enough. 


I've been there. Some days, I still am. 

This is why I followed my passion to build a boudoir photography studio. I had my own personal reasons for believing in the power of boudoir photography. My story is below.

The first two women I worked with further catapulted me on this beautiful journey. 

I want to help the women I get the honor to photograph with (re)discovering their inner strength and embrace their beauty with a newfound self-love and self-acceptance.


~~  A woman who not only loves but also accepts herself, is a force to be reckoned with! ~~

Which is also something I try to instill in my daughter.


"My goal is to help women recognize that they are a Queen, and to celebrate that." 


When I was 19, I married the boy that sat behind me in 4th grade. After we got married, and I moved away from my family and support system to San Diego, CA, his true colors came out. He was incredibly controlling, and scary.

It happened so subtly and gradually, but eventually I was trapped in a bad situation. 

I should say... I FELT trapped. 

While living in San Diego, I had gotten into modeling. Eventually, we moved back to Wilmington, NC and the moment finally came that I realized (through the haze of the depression that I had been battling) that I HAD to leave. For both myself, and my daughter. I did not want her growing up thinking that it was okay to be treated that way.


Six months after leaving that terrible situation I was asked to do a beach photo shoot by a photographer I had worked with previously. It was SO outside of my comfort zone! I had mainly modeled commercial and bridal, but I thought WHAT THE HECK, it's something exciting and different! And I was on a path to rediscover myself. Slowly but surely becoming who I truly was again, before I had turned into a mousy, jumpy, scared shell of a person.

SUPER self conscious, I wore black volleyball shorts, a bikini top and a white button up shirt over top of that. 


It was a fun experience, but the real impact came once I saw the photos.

Scrolling through the gallery, a photo popped up on the screen that took my breath away. 





In that moment, I was absolutely in awe. Something *CLICKED* inside my head, and 

                                                         I realized that I was NOT worthless. 

As I had been told for years. 

And I decided that I wanted to make women feel this way. 

To help them (re)discover their strength and beauty. To help them love themselves. 

And through all that... Kasteel Boudoir was born. 

I believe all women have a story. And I'm here to help you discover the beauty within yours.




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